Caring for your Furniture

Care of PE Wicker Furniture:

Storage of Furniture & Cushions:

When storing your wicker furniture we do not recommend stacking furniture or other items on top of settings, as this can scratch, warp, stretch and bow in parts of the setting that may be vulnerable.

Only settings that have been made to be a stack-able set ie: Vassel must be stacked according to its specifications if not stacked correctly we cannot accept responsibility for damages that may occur.

Although our settings are extremely durable if they are not stored or cared for correctly we do not hold any responsibility for negligence.


Caring for Glass:

The glass used in our tables goes through a tempering process which greatly increases its strength. This is commonly known as toughened glass.
Although toughened, it is important to remember that glass is not unbreakable.
To clean glass, wash down regularly with mild soapy water or commercially available glass cleaner.

Do not clean hot glass or place hot or cold items directly on the surface. Sudden changes in temperature can cause glass to break.

Caring for Timber: 

Caring for timber is just as important as caring for fabrics & wicker. Gentle dusting with a clean microfiber cloth will help maintain the beauty of your timber. The Wicker Man also recommends placing your timber furniture away from excess heat and/or humidity, which may cause it to split or warp as it expands and contracts due to temperature variations.

Keep your timber furniture in pristine condition by avoiding exposure to direct sunlight or ultra violet light, which may cause discoloration or deterioration of the surface. Also place protective padding between the timber and any object placed on it. This should be thicker for heavy, hot or abrasive objects that may severely damage the wooden surface.

Minimize scratching 

To minimize scratching the timber, avoid dragging objects across the surface. We also recommend not writing directly on top of timber surfaces as pen or pencil marks may show.

Accidental spills 

Clean any spills immediately, do not allow nail polish remover, hair spray, perfume or strong corrosive solvents to come in contact with the timber, and do not use any chemicals, detergents or any product containing silicon to clean timber.

Avoid direct sunlight to avoid excessive fading and general damage, keep covered when not in use.

Avoid extreme weather conditions, such as strong winds, hail, storms. Do not expose to temperatures outside of 0-32 degrees.


Caring for PE Wicker:

Avoid direct sunlight to avoid excessive fading and general damage, keep covered when not in use.

Avoid extreme weather conditions, such as strong winds, hail, storms. Do not expose to temperatures outside of 0-32 degrees.

Please clean regularly with fresh soapy water and dry using a damp soft clean cloth monthly or as often as necessary.

PE Wicker under glass should not at any time be exposed to UV light through the glass.

PE Wicker under glass is not covered under any warranty for damage from UV exposure through glass.

Small amounts of wicker can pull away from the frame; this is not covered under the warranty. Simply apply clear outdoor silicone to the frame, then wrap the wicker back onto the frame and hold in place with masking tape. Remove the masking tape when dry.

Caring for Cushions:

Although our cushions are UV stabilized and treated, our Australian sunshine is very tough on soft fabric and furnishings. We strongly recommend that cushions are covered or removed when not in use to protect the colour and keep them looking brand new. Please note that the warranty does not cover material fading or mold.

Our cushions are made from waterproof materials, and will not rot or otherwise deteriorate. However, mold will grow if cushions are stored wet. Simply allow them to gently drip dry out of the weather.

Please avoid keeping cushions in any space by a chlorine or salt water pool for any length of time as the chemicals or salt can evaporate and settle upon the fabric causing fading or drying of the fabric & colour.

All cushion covers are removable for washing, We DO NOT RECOMMEND MACHINE WASHING. A warm Gentle hand wash would be HIGHLY recommended to ensure stitching does not get caught or come apart.
Allow cushions to drip-dry in a dry space out of the elements, It is recommended that covers be replaced wet, to avoid shrinkage.

Protect your investment with one of our great furniture covers! They prolong the life of your setting, are durable, waterproof and are UV stabilized. Speak to our staff to select the right cover for your new setting.




*Warranty will be made void due to acts of nature, abuse or misuse, extreme hot or cold weather