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Large Tropical Palm Tree (Amazingly Real) 300cm

Large Tropical Palm Tree (Amazingly Real) 300cm

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Feel the warm tropical breeze blow through your hair as you sit and gaze at this vibrant palm tree. Standing 300cm high, this lovely tree is tall enough to make a bold statement. A dozen sprawling fronds extend outward in every direction, each covered with a mix of lush feathery pinnate styled leaves.
This faux palm is by far our favourite artificial tree not just because it looks so real, but as a result of the way in can fit into any area and bring the outdoors in - if you're looking for a tropical look that this palm is for you.
Colour: Varied Green.
Pot: basic plastic pot inlcuded.
Size: 300cm.
Use: Indoors.

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1 x Large Tropical Palm Tree (Amazingly Real) 300cm

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